Innovative tools
Innovative Tools
We strive to provide players with a captivating yet seamless gaming experience. Our innovative mechanics, such as
DAY 2 DAY™ JACKPOTS and Rich Free Spins help increase engagement, while easy API setup and smart back office ensure our games run smoothly no matter what.
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Easy Setup API

We provide our clients with an API flexible enough to set up, use, and customize.
Integrating games into your website is easy like never before with our standard-based, production-ready code and detailed documentation.
Our responsive team of experts will ensure fast and successful API integration.

Smart Back Office

Our powerful back office helps clients optimize their businesses and profits in one click.
We provide smart, intuitive tools to view, analyze, and track players’ activity.
The information is constantly updated so you can keep an eye on your business performance in real-time.


DAY 2 DAY™ JACKPOTS feature three-level prizes.
The daily Mini, Midi, and Maxi Jackpots assure tens and even hundreds payouts every single day!
This feature is a great, risk-free chance to win for players
and an outstanding promotional tool for operators.
DAY 2 DAY™ JACKPOTS are already available on over 30 FUGASO slots.

Rich Free Spins

This feature allows operators to enjoy an awarding bonus system by choosing any amount of Rich Free Spins with a multiplier of choice on them.
Thanks to “Rich Free Spins”, players can enjoy multiple free spins with a multiplier, which dramatically increases the chance of generous payouts.
“Rich Free Spins” is our original feature that no one else on the market offers.